Welcome to live in the countryside and rent a cozy cabin in beautiful Södermanland! See pictures on our website.
When you visit us at Tolfta Gård, a country farm not far from Stockholm, there are several options for those who don’t just want to enjoy nature and the animals on the farm. Cozy up with our sheep and goats in the petting paddock. Our fluffy bunnies are always hungry for green, tasty and juicy dandelion leaves.
Here at the farm, we offer tour riding with a guide or on your own according to a map.
Take a trip on the lake, paddle, row or experience fishing in Södermanland or why not paddle out at dusk and try your luck to see a beaver.
Bathing is available both from the sandy beach and rocks, at one of the piers there is a wood-fired sauna.

Map is available on this link