Right of public access – a unique opportunity

The nature of Sweden is very often the main reason for foreign visitors to come here. Sweden is the third largest country in the EU by area, but there are only around 10 million people living there. Most of them live in the urban areas of the southern part of Sweden. Thus there are lots of space for recreation and visitors can easily move around according to a law called “Right of Public Access”. It doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, but if you like the outdoor life, Sweden is the country for you.

Sweden – the new culinary nation

Read what our former Minister of Rural Affairs, Mr Eskil Erlandsson, declared

“We have so many unique advantages in Sweden. The Swedish summer, with plenty of sunlight, long days and cool evenings, produces fruit and berries that grow slowly and are full of flavour. The Swedish coastline is home to some of the best shellfish in the world. We have skilful farmers who supply fantastic produce, and nature that attracts people to our country from near and far. We have vast forests full of berries and mushrooms, as well as game. Our chefs are in demand around the world and receive international awards. Our food industry is the fourth largest industry employer in the country, and our tourism sector is growing.”