We missed to show this video this past Christmas but it is never too late. The market returns every Christmas. So here it is and the video is produced by Lifestyle Thrills

Tjolöholm Castle is Sweden’s leading Arts and Crafts property. Built between 1898 and 1904 by James Fredrik and Blanche Dickson, the castle is a bastion of faithfulness to traditional methods of manufacturing. Predominantly in Tudor style, the castle also boasts rare examples of Liberty & Co who were at the forefront of the Arts and Crafts Movement at the time. Modernities from the turn of the century such as electricity, central heating and a circularly flowing shower were combined to make this castle truly unique. Follow a guided tour and embark on a journey through historic grandeur.

The castle is located in Kungsbacka and you can find it on this map. Featured image above here is from the castle’s Facebook page.