Are you possibly planning to do the north of Sweden this year? Check this video by Stefan Rieger who made it alone on 16 days. This is his story: “This film is about a solo hike in Swedish and Norwegian Lapland in September. I did not follow the “standard” itinerary which is the famous King’s trail (Kungsleden) but rather a zig-zag route through the mountains preferring less frequented areas. The weather was very changeable (sun, rain, some snow) and oftentimes there was a strong wind. It was a memorable adventure in a beautiful landscape.

My rough route was as follows: Nikkaluokta – Visttasvággi – Kaskasavagge – Tarfala – Guobirvággi – Gautelis – Čáihnavággi – Čunojávri – Alesjaure – Unna Visttasvággi – Vistas – Alisjávri (Sami Settlement) – Abiskojaure – Kårsavagge – Abisko”