Vadstena is a Swedish fairy tale that actually exists and simply time has stopped here. Just a few minutes here is enough to make you wish you never leave this place, it’s that beautiful. Swedish landscapes are characterized by their natural beauty and diversity. From the lush forests of the south to the rugged mountains of the north, Sweden offers a wide range of stunning vistas.

The country is known for its thousands of lakes, which dot the landscape and provide picturesque settings for outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming. In southern Sweden, you’ll find rolling hills and fertile farmland, dotted with charming villages and historic towns. The region’s coastline is also a highlight, with rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, and quaint fishing villages overlooking the Baltic Sea.

If you are already in Sweden and wondering what else to visit besides Stockholm, Gothenburg or some other city, the small town of Vadstena is a place that will remain in your heart once you arrive. Vadstena is situated in the Östergötland County, which is in the southern part of Sweden. It’s located by the shores of Lake Vättern, one of Sweden’s largest lakes. One of the most prominent features of Vadstena is Vadstena Castle (Vadstena Slott), a medieval fortress built in the 16th century. The castle has historical ties to Swedish royalty, particularly Queen Birgitta (Saint Bridget of Sweden), who founded the Bridgettine Order in Vadstena in the 14th century. The Vadstena Abbey, associated with Saint Birgitta, is also a notable historical and religious site in the town.

This video and text is produced by Ervinslens on Youtube.