Learn to master our Winter Camping Routines together with Matti while he is out on a hot tent overnighter with the dogs. When you winter camp there are some basic routines that we always do. We never follow a checklist or anything like that but we still have routines. Outdoor life is more about working with nature and not against it.

This video is loaded with information and Matti explain how to setup his winter tent camp and tell about everything he does to stay warm and comfortable. Hopefully, you’ll learn something or maybe you already do things in the same way. If you know other things about camping in snow, please do share your knowledge in the comments. It’s always interesting to see how other are doing. Probably some of you guys have some really good winter camping tips.

Matti & Stina

Text and video by Jokkmokkguiderna and here is our Jokkmokk map.