Vildmarksvägen is Sweden’s highest paved road and crosses the Stekenjokk plateau between Lapland and Jämtland. The entire Vildmarksvägen runt is an unforgettable mountain adventure of 500 kilometers. In the south, the road starts at the E45 in Strömsund and in the north in Vilhelmina. The section of the Wilderness Road over Stekenjokk is one of the few places in Sweden where the road goes straight through the calf mountain and gives you the opportunity to hike the mountains on wheels in a Sami cultural landscape. Stekenjokk is reindeer grazing land and calving area for the Sami villages of Northern Jämtland and Southern Lapland. During the spring and early summer, the wagtails give birth to their calves and are extremely sensitive to disturbance. If the cow is scared away, the calf is in immediate danger. Read more from Visit Vilhelmina

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