It’s easy to forget what it feels like to play in a treehouse. As a grownup, we spend our days focusing on reality. Getting work done, getting the family fed, figuring out the next steps when it comes to healthcare or the mundane rituals of what to wear. Adulting often means putting playtime to the side. When I turned 50, I sought out more opportunities to play. Sometimes it’s sports, sometimes it’s writing, and sometimes it’s travel. Checking into the TreeHotel in northern Sweden will have you feeling like a little kid again with all the accompanying sense of playfulness and wonder. This unique boutique hotel combines the treehouse experience with the best of Swedish hospitality.

Text and video by momtrends and you can read a lot more on this website


The story of the Treehotel

Starting out as a dream of something new, getting mapped out around a campfire on a fishing trip, the Treehotel in Harads really is a story of its own. And some great architecture among the treetops.

Video and text by Swedish Lapland TV