Lapland is best known for its beautiful and untouched nature, its northern lights, its reindeer herding Sami and its long winters with lots of snow. It is also known for its traditional Sami cultures and crafts, such as jojk singing and carved wooden objects. Lapland is also a popular destination for hikers, skiers and other adventure enthusiasts who want to experience the wild and magical nature of northern Sweden.

On the surface, Kiruna is Sweden’s largest municipality and it has the world’s largest underground mine for iron ore. Internationally, it is certainly the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi that made Kiruna famous. With the large surfaces, there is plenty of space for all kinds of activities in all seasons. A beautiful monument is the wooden church, which stands in a park near the center.

This video is produced by the Youtuber Léo and here is our Kiruna map. Zoom out….