This is a cinematic movie of my travel to the Jämtland region in Sweden during summer. Sweden is such an amazing country and Jämtland is surely a special region to go to. In summer everything is blooming, the colors of the trees, the sound of the flowing waters, the width of the Fjell and the smell of the forests are incredible. If you are searching for a place to really calm down and enjoy the silence, you have found your destination right here. And there’s so much to do. Sweden and Jämtland with all it’s lakes, rivers, forests, mountains and national parks is always worth doing something. The are so many hikes to do, so many places to have a swim , so many lakes and rivers to fish and so many opportunities to enjoy the silence and beauty of Sweden’s nature.

Today’s video was filmed by Travel the World in 5 minutes in 2022 and you can read more on that link.

If you want to have a closer look at Jämtland please visit our Map of Jämtland with lots of additional information.