Sarek is one of several national parks in Sweden and today´s video is produced by Romija. We have copied some facts about Sarek from here. Plan your visit accordingly.

“It is a high alpine area where the Sami people have lived from time immemorial. The valleys and the mountain slopes are grazing land for three Sami communal groups engaged in reindeer husbandry: the Sirges, Jåhkågaska tjiellde and Tuorpon.

The national park also is known for its wildlife, including large elk and many predators. Meltwater from the many glaciers flows into Sarek’s artery, the Ráhpaaädno river, which creates the alpine world’s most well-known delta. The area bears the stamp of the inland ice sheet, and a hike through Sarek is a trip through Sweden’s geological history.”