Welcome to our next installment of our nordic/Scandinavian travel trip! After taking a warm bath in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland – I thought – let’s chill out a bit – literally – and head to the original Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden! Yes, this hotel is made completely out of ice and snow, and it melts and gets rebuilt every year – and yes, people actually sleep in here!! I’m very interested by *strange hotels* and after our trip to the Underwater Hotel last year, when I heard of the ICEHOTEL – I figured, we better check it out. So, after a brief moment being stuck in Iceland, we headed to the ICEHOTEL to investigate & spend the night – and hopefully not get cryogenically frozen like Walt Disney’s head. What do you guys think?? Would you stay here? Where should we go next?

Text and video by Safiya Nygaard and here is a map of Kiruna