The island of Gotland is a very popular tourist destination, and you get there by air or by two ferry lines. You can bring the car on the ferry and explore the island on your own. Stay at least a week. When? The summer months of June, July and August are very busy so if you prefer a more quiet stay choose May or September. So what is Gotland known for? The ring wall around Visby, Fårö, the Karlsöarna, Gotska Sandön and not least all the rauks. Did you know that the rauks already existed when Gotland was close to the equator? There is as much as you like to see and do on Gotland.

This video is produced by All About Europe but they made one mistake, “Åre in Jämtland” does not exist on the island of Gotland. No ski slopes…  Here is our map of Gotland.