Gafsele is a village in the South of Lapland in the Västerbotten region, Sweden. The hostel is situated in Gafsele’s former school, on the banks of the river Ångermanälven. The building is a retro ‘fifties’ building with lots of character and history.

Our clean and fresh rooms, sauna, and naturally beautiful rural setting invite you to relax and let go. We offer rooms with hostel standards: most rooms have modern bunk beds, and guests share toilets, showers, and a sauna. We only rent out per room. So everyone can have privacy.

The environment is a paradise for hunters, fishermen, snow- and other outdoor lovers. Why not take a ride on one of our snow sparks? Or hop on one of our SUP boards for a paddling tour on the river.

Gafsele Lappland Hostel like to customize your holiday so it will fit just you.